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Will Wyatt Court accomodation

Living in Student Accommodation in London

Moving to another country means finding a place to live. London is an expensive city and it’s not easy to find a decent place for not too much money. This is where student accommodation can be a good solution. Here is my experience.

Leicester City lifts BPL Trophy

The incredible story of Leicester

The English Premier League is known as the hardest championship in the world. And this season it has also been the most surprising. Leicester, a team that Europe hardly knows, defied the odds and the richest English teams to accomplish one the most incredible football achievements ever.

Hollywood could make a movie out of this. Maybe even two. If I was a producer, the first episode would be about the 2014-2015 season, when Leicester was fighting for its survival in the Premier League.

The legendary street spot on Southbank, London.

Skateboarding: more than a passion

This is their playground! The legendary street spot on Southbank gathers lovers skateboarders came from around the world. They all have one thing in common: the passion for their sport. Focus on this site known to all.

How does the Islamic State survive?

The Islamic State survives for many reasons. The bad coordination of the International community, the unlimited recruitment of weak people, a high speed internet access via satellites, weapons from all over the world, drugs thats suppress fear…; and their self-funding that enables them to consistently increase their power.

Lleyton Hewitt during the Medibank international tournament in 2006

Lleyton Hewitt, a tennis legend goes away

Thursday 21 February, Lleyton Hewitt ended his career as a tennis player. The ex best player in the world has played and lost his last game against David ferrer (6-2, 6-4, 6-4) during the Australia Open.

Will this two play together again one day?

Karim Benzema : what french fans think !

French striker Karim Benzema, charged lawfully in the « Valbuena Sextape case » could be cast aside by the French federation of football this thursday. For some people he is irreplaceable in the team. Others never want to see him wearing the french jersey again.

Map of football team in London

London, capital of football

The capital of England is also the capital of football. In London there are no less than 15 professionals football clubs. In comparison, in Paris, there are only 3!
Modern history football appeared in 1963. But England did not wait until that year to start playing football. It started much before.

People crowding in the underground

Pessimistic London Underground

If you’ve been in the London Underground, you will understand this . The underground feels nothing like the streets!

Each line has been given names that sound ridiculously British. All they are is a smokescreen, to please the tourists. They hide the fact that a lot of English stereotypes do not apply to the capital’s underground.

People gathered and hold up their phones in front of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square during a vigil for victims of the Paris terrorist attacks.

London is with Paris

Thousands of people have shown their solidarity and their compassion in memory of the 130 innocent people killed during a string of terrorist attacks in Paris, on the 13th November.

No violence against women

International Women’s day : Where is the gender equality?

The gender inequality is less and less a taboo.

Lots of associations, non-governmental organisations and celebrities are trying to change the mentality to get equality for women.

Women represent half of the world’s population, but they are more likely to be poor and less literate than men.

Each year, Ascot gathers passionates, but mostly all the english high society.

The rendezvous of British elegance

Exceptional horses in an unequalled atmosphere, the english racecourse of Ascot offers one of the most exclusive events of the summer season in England. Horse racing unleashed passions across the whole world. People go to see, but especially to be seen. So chic!