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5 new movies for Christmas time

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5 new movies for Christmas time

In this month of November, like every year, the streaming platforms and theatre release new movies dedicated to Christmas. Here are five new movies to watch and trailers to discover while waiting for Christmas time.

On the 5th of November, the movie “Love Hard” was released by Netflix's company. The film, highly awaited by fans, was unanimously approved on Twitter and Instagram. On Thursday 11th of November, the film became number 2 in the top 10 of all Netflix platforms.

A romantic Christmas comedy starring Nina Dobrev aka Nathalie Bauer, a young woman who decide to meet the boy that she met online and with whom she fell in love, but the problem is that the young man, played by Jimmy O. Yang aka Josh Lin, is not the one he claimed to be. A zany and endearing friendship is created between the two, as the movie mixes humour and emotion throughout. It seems that the fans liked this new Christmas movie that offers a new and refreshing scenario.

On the 7th of November, Netflix’s platform released “Father Christmas is back” movie. The British comedy was placed at the fourth place in the top 10 most watched movies on Netflix, on the 11th of November. An almost all English cast is gathered in this sentimental comedy, with Elizabeth Hurley, John Cleese, Kelsey Grammer, and many others. If on Twitter the film did not make unanimity, on Instagram people have rather appreciated the film and the casting. Nathalie Cox aka Caroline Christmas tries to reunite her family at Christmas though they had been shattered since their father abandoned them. But on Christmas Eve, their father (Kelsey Grammer) comes back with his girlfriend, then will follow settling of scores and revelations of secrets never confessed.

On the 12th of November a remake of Home Alone was released, “Home Sweet home Alone” that is out now. All Kevin McCallister nostalgic can now discover the new movie with Archie Yates who plays Max, a 10-year-old child forgotten at home by his parents and who will face a couple who want to rob Max’s house. A comedy to discover while waiting for Christmas, and why not re-watch all the Home Alone movies.

They are coming

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the star, will be released on the 18th of November on the Netflix platform. Vanessa Hudgens resumes her role in a new part much awaited by the fans, on Twitter the publications are flying, and the viewers are longing to find their heroines.

Indeed, Vanessa Hudgens embodies several characters in the film since they are doppelgängers, there is Margaret Delacour, Stacy Denovo and Fiona. In this last part, the three young women will have to join all together to find a holy relic of Christmas that was stolen. While waiting for the film's release, the trailer is available.

A Boy Called Christmas will be released on the 24th of November on Netflix and will be out on the 26th of November in theatres in England. For the fans, Gil Kenan, the producer, offers a dream cast: Jim Broadbent, Sally Hawkins, Maggie Smith, Michiel Huisman and many others.

A plot with a fairy tale story synopsis where Nicolas nicknamed Noel goes looking for his father who also went looking for a village of elves to bring magic back to the world. While waiting to see this movie the trailer is available, and the fans already love it.

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