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I'm Augustin Thiéfaine, a 22 years old journalist in London, from France. I'm also journalist for a French daily newspaper. I love geopolitic, history and sport. Especially, US, and nordics sports.

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  February 04, 2022

What hopes for the British team in Beijing?

As the Winter Olympics begin this Friday in Beijing, what can Britain expect?...

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  November 07, 2021

The Drill, this new phenomenon invading England and the world's musical stage

Since few years a new music genre burned in Chicago and London invades the musical stage : the Drill. Explanations....

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  October 31, 2021

Geography of London’s football clubs

Football lovers or just curious to discover London with an another way ? Here...

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  October 25, 2021

Immersion at the NFL London Game

In immersion at the last NFL London Game edition, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Miami Dolphins met in the North of London. (Re)live one day, in the most American atmosphere of the year....

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