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Chiara Harter

Chiara Harter

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Current journalist based in London, I'm passionate about geopolitics, war documentaries and discovering new cultures. If I had to define myself in one word, it would be "curious".

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  November 15, 2021

Leicester’s football player Thanawat Suengchitthawon, : “I play every game as if it were the last of my life”

Born in 2000 in Bangkok, in Thailand, Currently playing for Leicester City, Thanawat Suengchitthawon always dreamed about a football career. If you need to know only one thing about him, it would be that he plays every football game as if it were the last of his life!...

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  October 31, 2021

How to feel good at home for the coming winter

October is almost at its end. The trees are changing colour and little by little, the memories of summer are fading. Halloween marks the beginning of rituals to prepare the home for the coming winter. 5 tips to make you feel good at home:...

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  October 25, 2021

Louis Leeson, photojournalist : « I’m always looking for the human angle in my work »

Portait of Louis Leeson, photojournalist and filmmaker. After a photojournalism degree in London he started to travel around the world with his camera in the hands. His first aim is to bear witness to the biggest stories in the world but with the most human angle possible....

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