, December 07, 2021

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Karollyne Hubert

Karollyne Hubert

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After living in Brazil, French Guiana and Paris, Karollyne is currently in London. With her pen and camera, she covers cultural and societal topics.

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  November 15, 2021

COP26: 5 greenest startups in the UK 2021

During COP26, some world leaders have discussed the new ways to make a global transition. In the companies’ world, some projects exist too, principally the startups, that continue to think about new greenest projects....

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  November 07, 2021

Missed doge? Get Floki! When a meme assault the Transport of London

If you live in London, probably you have already seen the ad “ Missed doge ? Get Floki ! ”. But why this means exactly? Why the Transports of London are submerged with this advertising?...

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  November 01, 2021

Event coming soon: Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2021

To showcase the incredible women talent in the IT area, and principally with new issues, the event Women in Tech Excellence Award, come back this year in next 28th November....

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  October 25, 2021

What Is The Future Of The Square Mile?

With the Covid Crisis, Brexit and the new methods of labour, The City of London becoming a hard place to work....

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