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Léa Zemmour-Faye

Léa Zemmour-Faye

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Hello I am Léa, I am a 23 years old journalist. After working for Aubagne journal in France, I am now in London writing about culture, sports and transports. Enjoy your reading !

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  November 15, 2021

5 new movies for Christmas time

Before Christmas holiday and during the month of November a lot of new movies are coming out....

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  November 07, 2021

Two years later: justice for Emiliano Sala

He would have been 31 years old on October 31. Return on the career of the footballer Emiliano Sala and his tragic death....

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  November 01, 2021

Harry Potter activities in London: "The one who must not be left behind"

Here are the best places, activities and tours to do in London for the fan of Harry Potter....

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  October 25, 2021

James Barnor’s exhibition on Black History was “reflecting his emotional response to freeze the moment”

The 24 of October 2021 was the last day of the James Barnor exhibition, in this month of Black History. Numerous people came to see these pictures....

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