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Maya Bradshaw

Maya Bradshaw

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Hello ! I'm Maya, a french/english journalist in the making. With a love for travel, writing and photography, I am currently in charge of the culture, sport and transport categories. Happy reading !

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  March 01, 2022

A prehistoric stone surviving in the heart of a modern city

In the centre of London, underneath a glass crypt on Canon Street, lies one of the city’s least known mysteries. An ancient stone placed in the heart of a major metropolis, possibly three thousand years ago, with no clues as to how it got there....

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  November 11, 2021

Will Lewis Hamilton be fast enough to catch up with Max Verstappen ?

All eyes are on British race driver Lewis Hamilton and his Dutch rival Max Verstappen as they rush to the finish line. Both drivers have been neck and neck since the start of the Formula One World Championship....

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  November 07, 2021

Travel through time in London’s Transport Museum

Based in Covent Garden, London’s Transport Museum covers the history of London’s development through the essential role played by transports. Learn about London's different transport systems throughout time – from its past, to its present and even projecting onto its future....

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  October 31, 2021

Regent's Canal : where the old meets the new

Along Regent’s Canal’s towpath, hidden between Camden Lock and King Cross’ Granary Square, a few architectural oddities can be found. From the late 1800’s to our own 21st century, take a walk through time, where older traditional buildings blend in with the new – and sometimes become one....

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  October 25, 2021

The Phantom still haunts the Opera after 35 years

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical interpretation of The Phantom of the Opera returned to celebrate its 35th anniversary this October at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London – right where it all began....

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