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Bisushima opens its doors in Trafalgar Square

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Bisushima opens its doors in Trafalgar Square

Bisushima Restaurant strives to make its customers happy by providing exceptional service. They will take care of you by offering the best of Japanese cuisine. The large rooftop terrace overlooking Trafalgar Square, the exquisite Japanese menu and the unique cocktails make this place a must-see!

Why is Bisushima special?
Bisushima is a restaurant located on the 6ᵉ floor of the Page 8 Hotel in Trafalgar Square. It has a large dining room, a separate lounge bar and two large rooftop terraces, one overlooking Covent Garden and the London Eye and the other Trafalgar Square.

The menu has been created by Chef Takuya Watanabe (of Michelin-starred restaurant Jin Paris) and Alex Furusawa (Head of Sushi at Bisushima). Dishes on offer include toro carpaccio, tonkatsu pork risotto, Chilean sea bass with Yuan miso and the best A5 rated Wagyu sirloin steak.

Overlooking the lights of London, Bisushima is the place to go for delicious authentic sushi and modern Japanese dishes, accompanied by interesting wines, sakes and cocktails.
Taste the best of Japanese cuisine in the heart of London!

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