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Brexit: Turing Scheme is the new Erasmus

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Brexit: Turing Scheme is the new Erasmus

Over 40,000 British students will benefit from the newcomer scheme that aims to provide funding for study and work placements around the globe.

Following Brexit, in December 2020, the United Kingdom (UK) turned down the offer to continue participating in Erasmus+, a European Union (EU) programme that British students can no longer partake.

The £110 million scheme intent to provide a wider range of countries for UK students to choose from, key part of the plan to create a ‘Global Britain’.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said:

“The Turing Scheme is a truly global programme with every country in the world eligible to partner with UK universities, schools and colleges.”

What is exactly the Turing Scheme?

Named after the English mathematician Alan Turing, the Turing Scheme is an initiative that mirrors the same basic idea of Erasmus by financially incentivizing students while studying internationally.

Universities, colleges and schools all over the UK can apply for government funding. If successfully accepted, they will be able to finance their pupils on learning experiences abroad. The applications started in March and are now closed. The scheme takes place in September 2021.

The government targets for an expansion of the Turing Scheme across the entire UK. Areas previously underrepresented in the Erasmus+ will receive additional support for students with disadvantaged backgrounds.

How is the Turing Scheme different from Erasmus?

Unlike Erasmus, which was mainly EU focused, the Turing Scheme allows every country in the world to partner up with UK educational bodies. Canada, Indonesia, Japan, and the United States are amongst over 150 international destinations proposed by the new global programme.

Underprivileged participants and students with special education needs and disabilities (SEND) will receive greater support with the Turing Scheme. Apart from additional funding, the new programme assists with travel expenses (passports, visa, insurance, and luggage) and full coverage of SEND students’ supplementary needs.

Differently from Erasmus+, the UK scheme does not provide placements to youth workers and teaching staff.

What about tuition fees?

The Erasmus scheme benefited from a reciprocal arrangement between partner countries and the UK, meaning tuition-free for students. The Turing Scheme does not fund tuition fees for British students abroad, nor for incoming students in the UK. Instead, it depends on universities and colleges waiving fees in order to encourage student exchanges.

How much funding is on offer?

Under Erasmus, the amount of money that the participant receives is measured by the destination and whether the person is a student, apprentice, trainee, or staff. The Turing Scheme, however, varies the amounts on where the student is studying and the length of the stay.

There are three categories to group the destination countries: Group 1 (high cost of living), Group 2 (medium), and Group 3 (low). Depending on these diverse factors, the funding could range from £120 per week up to £490 per month. A UK student staying over eight weeks in Australia (Group 1) could earn £380 per month. Meanwhile, the funding for a European country like Spain (Group 2) is lower, around £335 per month.

Further information about the programme guidelines, eligibility and funding can be found on the Turing Scheme website.


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