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Event coming soon: Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2021

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Event coming soon: Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2021

To showcase the incredible women talent in the IT area, and principally with new issues, the event Women in Tech Excellence Award, come back this year in next 28th November.

Formerly Women in IT Excellence Awards, the event was created in 2017. The last edition, the token place virtually, but this year, the event will take place in The Brewery, in London.

For the team organization, this event showcases every woman in the IT area, when how to inspire young women choice IT studies. Two objectives are part of the project:  

  • Women need to know that the IT universe is open for them.
  • To end gender disparity in the technology market.

The team announced that the event will be more special this year. With the Covid-19 pandemic women found a few challenges to propose some solutions and to continue their activities :

Working from home, balancing work and home life, taking on key roles in home teaching, coping with personal and family stress while continuing to make top class contributions to their businesses are all part of the world we have been unwillingly thrust into. There will be many, many stories of how the women in our market have risen to those challenges.
Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Progress has been slow and even a little discouraging, but there are companies that are true examples of gender diversity. Some partnerships with Computing, Hp, Progress, Agilisys, Suse, Atos…  are part of the project, and fight to introduce women to IT employees.

The history of women in IT

Women are still under-represented in the world of tech. According to STEM Statistics, female students represent only 35% of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects.  In the Computer sciences, Engineering and technology, they are only 19% with a staggering  81% of students being male.

STEM Statistics

In the work, Gartner had published a study in 2018 about the Tactics to Increase the Number of Women in IT, and the result is not very fascinated :

While women make up nearly half of the global workforce, they represent only 31% of IT employees. CIOs express interest in increasing the number of women in IT, but many struggles with recruiting and retention. However, there are concrete steps CIOs can take to rebalance.

Woman of the Year in Tech finalists

The site web of the event has announced finalist 2021. They come from several countries, and a few categories are represented as Women of The Year in enterprise, Transformation Leader Tech, Software Engineer of the Year et etc…

For the Woman of the Year in Tech :

  • Claire Blythe, GfK
  • Elinor Honigstein, UK Israel Tech Hub
  • Evie Skinner, Edays
  • Ifeoma Uzoegwu, British Telecommunications
  • Keri Gilder, Colt Technology Services
  • Kiran Bhagotra, ProtectBox Limited
  • Louise Ah-Wong, Agilisys Limited
  • Nabila Salem, Revolent Group
  • Nicoleta Raportaru, IBM
  • Rebekka Bishop, CACI IIG
  • Renee Hawkins, Thoughtworks
  • Samantha Hollingdale, IBM
  • Sarah Croxford, Microsoft
  • Sophie Wilson, Astound Commerce

When ?
Wednesday 24 November, from 6pm

Where ?

The Brewery
52 Chiswell Street

If you come to London for the event, the team can help you to find a hotel across the event’s place.

You can purchase your table here:

But attention, the prices are not very accessible…


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