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Halloween in London: 5 scary things to do on your weekend

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Halloween in London: 5 scary things to do on your weekend

Autumn is already here, and October is coming to an end. The trees are sporting their mid-season foliage and the streets of London are in orange and black. Little by little, Halloween decorations are starting to appear in shops and public places. It's time for us to share our spooky and sweet finds for your next weekend in the capital.

Credit: vagueonthehow

HorrOctober at Prince Charles Cinema

One of the most popular places to visit at this time of year is the Prince Charles Cinema, which holds a HorrOctober every Halloween. The event, which runs from September until November 1rst, promises to be everything you could wish for. Each night, the cinema presents audiovisual classics such as Psycho or Alien, as well as including more recent works, such as Julia Ducournau' Raw and Zoe Lister-Jones' The Craft. But if there's one night not to be missed, it is Saturday 30 October at 8.30pm, for an scary all-nighter with five cult horror films.

Credit: vic15

A walk in Covent Garden Pumpkin Market

For the thrill-seeking, a trip to the Pumpkin Market in Covent Garden might be the best choice. In honour of a seasonal flower show, Maison de Fleurs is offering a selection of over 200 pumpkins of all shapes and sizes for sale. This is a great opportunity to decorate your home while preparing a heart-warming soup. The Pumpkin Market will be open from October 29th to 31rst, with Halloween-themed drinks for sale in three temporary bars.

Credit: AlejandraMacol

Witchcraft rituals at Museum of the Home

The Museum of the Home is presenting two days of witchcraft. On Thursday 28 October, sorcery experts will share with the public the rituals they perform to ensure the safety and protection of their magical homes. It's creepy when it comes to real witchcraft, far from the scripted films and horror stories. On Friday 29 October, the museum will close late to host workshops and lectures on magic, folklore and an aperitif show.

Credit: Hotel of Horror

A night in the Kraken Dread and Breakfast

Probably the only hotel to promise its guests the most terrifying night, the Kraken Dread and Breakfast is offering rooms for the Halloween weekend. A simple ticket for a night in a spooky-looking building filled with restless, malevolent spirits. This ghost-hunting treasure hunt promises a restless night, after a cocktail and live music from London's Thankful We Are Dead. Not much to worry about...

Credit: Blaye

Escaped Games at London Escaped

Still on the theme of treasure hunts, London Escaped offers several terrifying escape games. Locked in a dark room, you and your team will be put to the test. You will have less than an hour to solve the riddles and look for the slightest evidence to escape. For the more adventurous, the Da Vinci game, set in Milan in 1495, will allow you to escape a dungeon and Bloody Elbow, an evil torturer.

And there are many more events! A lot of restaurants, museums, cinemas, bars and shops offer horrific activities during the Halloween weekend. We recommend the Spook-tacular Halloween Afternoon Tea at Mariage Frères, the special event at Shrek's Adventure and a trip to Clink Prison Museum, one of England's oldest and most famous prisons. Take advantage of the opportunity to get a thrill and adrenaline rush, or simply stroll through the lively streets of the capital, after almost two years without a real celebration.

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