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How to feel good at home for the coming winter

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How to feel good at home for the coming winter

October is almost at its end. The trees are changing colour and little by little, people are wearing warmer coats. Gradually, the days become shorter and the memories of summer are fading. Halloween marks the beginning of rituals to prepare the home for the coming winter.

On October 28th, the event « Home Truths: Keeping a Magical Home » took place at the famous Museum of the Home in London surrounded by witches, writers, feminists and even tarot readers. Five contemporary magical practitioners were there and gave their tips for safety, warmth and protection. Sometimes seeing as a dark and tough season, winter is actually a time to recharge the batteries, think about our inner life and refresh our home.

« I personally split winter in 3 chapters. Death, rest and rebirth. And the first step starts with end of October, celebrating the deaths », said Alex David, magical practitioner.

Back in times, when lockdowns were common because of the pandemic, people were stuck at home, and unfortunately they look back on that period as a bad memory. Winter and his long gloomy days are approaching and have a taste of « déjà vu », a time when we will be stuck at home for a long time again.

« I think we should consider home as a relationship, you know when some couples go to therapy when they don't feel fine ? Well it's the same with home. We need to forgive, to 're-love' our home and feel a connection again », added Romany Reagan, folklore historian.

During winter everything is about « food, green and light » to make you feel comfortable. So here are 5 tips from the magical practitioners, to create joy and cope with negative feelings:

  • Surround your home with plants! Having a green space, a small garden, vegetable in the kitchen or only a few plants is very important for the harmony, whether in the house or in yourself. « Winter is a huge time to focus on mental health and nature helps to ground », Alex David.
  • Clean the whole space! It is time to sort out your clothes and put the ones you don’t need any more away. « Take big boxes and put everything you don’t need inside, having space is key to feel well at home », confirmed Romany Reagan.
  • Create a warming and lively place! Add some candles for a warm light, put some crystals on your desk or next to your bed, select your favourite books and choose cosy pillows and blankets.
  • Try to share moments with others! Nothing is more heart-warming than human contact. Exchanging funny anecdotes, advices or just chatting about anything and everything around the fire or a hot tea will make you feel at home and this is exactly what you need during winter.
  • Find something you can practice at home and celebrate! « Practising spiritual things, or religion if you are religious, will make you confident and felling protected », said Raqia Nur. You can try a new art: for example painting, making music, writing or dancing as well.
Crystals and Oracle cards: photography by Chiara Harter

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