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Immersion at the NFL London Game

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Immersion at the NFL London Game

Like every year since 2007, the most popular championship of American football organized it's International Series. This time, it was the Floridian clash between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins the last 17th of October.

Welcome to the NFL London Game ! An event that the British and European people can only find one time a year in the British capital. After a duel between New York and Atlanta last October 10th, this time all the American football fans met up at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, in the North of London, for the second game of the event, between Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins. All started with an underground travel around London. It was 10.30 a.m. when the  Seven Sisters station saw another large number of fans. Then it’s necessary to walk thirty minutes on foot to join the stadium. Thirty minutes during which all streets and pubs get coloured with the NFL franchises jerseys. The bourough looks like a North American city. Obviously a large number of fans have the blue shirt of the Dolphins or the black and blue of Jaguars. However everybody here is not especially a supporter from these teams, and it’s also a party time for the European NFL community. To watch a championship game that is normally impossible to see outside of the American territory.

More than a simple game

On site, many activities are available. Just eat a burger, take photos with the giant ball or with the different team outfits present in London. But the biggest part of the community, queues up to access the NFL Store for more than thirty minutes ! I feel like I'm in a theme park all this waiting time ! Inside the shop it’s huge once again. The walls are te covered with many NFL shirts, but also hats, scarves, sweats, or retro clothing. You can find anything and everything. A true treasure for American sports fans. One day in this type of event is not only about the game, it is more than that, it is a show ! By the way, at half-time, Rudimental played a concert ! A show as seen in the tradition on Super Bowl, the big final between the two conferences championships winners.

The Floridian clash

And it’s time ! It’s 1 p.m., or the moment to enter inside. After some stairs to climb, the stadium corridor opens up to you, and the stadium's view with him it. A huge circular stadium, and with time this one becomes multicoloured. The players enter onto the field to warm up. A Few minutes later, nobody still on the grass, the screens no longer show advertisements or pre-game presentation. Little movies from the different teams are diffused, and at the end, between smoke and light show, teams are back. Like a superstar, Trevor Lawrence, the last number one of the draft selection enter to the cheers of the public, to lead the Jaguars to victory against the Dolphins of Tua Tagovailoa and Jaylen Waddle. Opening ceremony continues with the different anthems and the country’s flags unfurled. A few Royal Air Force planes fly over the stadium, and then the kick-off is given.

Let's game started

Four 15-minute quarters, during which touchdowns, big plays or sacks and interceptions are recorded. Finally, after a incredible comeback, the Jacksonville Jaguars won 23-20 ! A last second win, thanks to a 50 plus yard field-goal. Incredible ! Fans from everywhere in Europe come in London. David and Julien are french american footballers, they come from Orléans it was their first time here. "That's a big moment for NFL lovers, the show was there today. We made a big dream come true today" explain the first one. "I've been following football for ten years now. That's very nice to be able to watch outside from the TV". explain Julien, who's also a Miami fan. An amazing experience to live with friends. The next edition of the International Series will relocate in Germany.

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