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Lacey Lou, the mystical drag queen from Birmingham

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Lacey Lou, the mystical drag queen from Birmingham

Lacey Lou is the sunshine of Birmingham, this city in the middle of the UK. The candy-looking young woman is a mystical drag queen visual artist. Since 2014, she has used her character as a “personal exploration of artistic mediums, femininity, sexuality and ED&I (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)".

“She's become the opposite of the loud and in your face drag, she's mystical and delicate but strong. I want to become the physical embodiment of mother nature. It’s also a constant journey and the character has evolved so much over the years.”

A profession as destiny

This career came to her unexpectedly. At the time, she was working as a barmaid in a club in Birmingham, where her friends were launching a drag house of artists. Already attracted by make-up and disguises, she threw herself into the adventure.

“Of course I jumped at the idea, dressing up, having a drink and being paid... absolutely!" says Lacey Lou. "I wasn't educated much on the drag community so I learned a lot quickly and completely fell in love with it. I'd finally found my artistic medium to express myself. "

Lacey Lou performs in clubs and bars, as well as organising events herself through Glitter Sh*t, the community she created in Birmingham. She places great emphasis on meaning in her work, participating since 2019 in the project Fantabulosa!, a suite of public space performance and games created by a group of drag queens, drag kings and other artists to showcase the imagination and inclusivity of drag and queer culture to children.

Her commitment to diversity and respect for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community

Faced with a wave of homophobia in England and around the world, Lacey Lou decided to use her profession and fame to fight discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community.

“As the years have gone on I've really enjoyed being an advocate for equality, diversity and inclusivity topics, which I use my drag as the gateway for,”

she says. Indeed, according to a Galop’s Hate Crime Report 2021 report, 64% of LGBTQIA+ people had experienced anti-LGBT+ violence or abuse. Of these, 9 in 10 people had experienced verbal abuse, 3 in 10 people had experienced physical violence and 2 in 10 people had experienced sexual violence.

“During the pandemic I was working in a care retirement village. It was very hard but it made me rethink my future and what I want. I realised my passion for equality, diversity and inclusivity could become my career. So, I made a plan and quit. I’m back working freelance and studying short courses to help me achieve my goal of eventually holding my own updated ED&I events and teaching spaces for companies. Lacey lou will always be there but just on the really fun and special gigs, she will become more of a figurehead and part of the ED&I journey too”

Today, Lacey Lou promotes the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community through events such as Gay Pride and is very active on social networks. She posts pictures of her own outfits and make-up, and of the events she attends with the aim of sharing this beautiful, sunny and festive profession that is drag queen.

Credit: @emwajones

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