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Last edition of the magical Ice Rink of the Natural History Museum, a much-loved London winter tradition

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Last edition of the magical Ice Rink of the Natural History Museum, a much-loved London winter tradition

Christmas has officially started in the capital of England ! And there’s nothing more Christmassy than some skating on an outdoor ice rink under the stars beside twinkling tree-lined streets and iconic landmarks.

In the heart of London, set against the backdrop of the Waterhouse building at the famous Natural History Museum, let’s discover this mythical Ice Rink. One of London’s classic Christmas activities will occur this year one last time.

If you’re a Londoner or a tourist, enjoy a moment skating there surrounded by fairy lights with a glass of hot wine, from the 22 of October to 16 January, open from 11.00 to 22.00.

Legendary since 16 years, the edition is the final one of the dreamy Ice Rink of the Natural History Museum. This place will be muted into a biodiversity hub as part of the museum’s Urban Nature Project. Sad news for Londoners, so if you never been there, stop saying « I will go next year » because this is your last chance !

The place usually occupied by the rink will become a green space that is supposed to help visitors learn more about the diversity of our planet, while also proposing scientists the chance to expand their practices to protect urban nature. The new project of the gardens are set to open in 2023.

For a romantic date night, friends reunions or family outings, this place is easily one of the most beautiful winter spots of London that we sadly missed last year due to pandemic.

With it’s majestic Christmas tree of 30-foot in the center of the Ice Rink, and a wonderful backdrop of Alfred Waterhouse’s gothic revival museum building. The place is also a popular spot for photoshoots, memories and a glass of wine (which is offered if you’re a student !)

If you’re not into wine, the Café Bar serves up winter warmers, hot food, prosecco and you can enjoy all of it with a really nice viewing platform providing a glimpse of on the luminous action below.

Good to know, they offer some lessons for beginners skaters and they even have a Penguin Skate Club for kids, perfect for families.

« If you’re in London around Christmas visiting the Natural History Museum Ice Rink is a must. It’s quintessential for that time of year and does not disappoint as a perfect London Christmas scene. » Visit Blighty
« We visited a few days before Christmas in order to fulfil our annual Christmas family skating trip. As ever, the ice rink looked magical set against the majestic building of the natural history museum. We always choose to go at twilight so that we can see the light change over the hour. The bar area although Busy was working effectively to ensure that queues were dealt with quickly and there was always somewhere to sit. Great fun, happy memories & we shall return again next Christmas. » Sarah S

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