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Lauren Bruls, when passion turns into vocation

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Lauren Bruls, when passion turns into vocation

Let's discover this 23 years old Belgian and South African woman who's showing us how a passion can become a vocation.

One day in her skin, how she deals with 3 lives in one

Influenceur, TikToker, Youtuber, Instagramer, entrepreneur, community manager & social media branding strategy and full time business analyst for a big consulting company, Lauren Bruls is what we call a "BOSS BITCH". Because of all of her differents activities her schedule is really busy and each minutes counts. Let's dive into her worklife for one day to see how she manages all of it.

6:00 am: Lauren wakes up.

6:00 to 7:00 am: She works for her brand, Flavia.

7:00 to 8:00 am: The influenceur creates different types of content and manages it for her mother's company social medias "Nutriketo". Lauren is doing all of the media branding strategy and got her mom 185k TikTok followers in only a few months.

9:00 am: Her day job really begin, here comes the business analyst woman for a big consulting company.

6:00 pm: End of her day job working day.

7:00 to 9:00 pm: Back home, she ends her day with two more hours of work on either her brand of her mom's one.

10:00 pm: Time to go to bed, Lauren is relaxing with an episode of Friends if not too tired.

Her weekends are for creating content for her social media and her brand FLAVIA. So when does Lauren stop? We're wondering the same...

A sustainable fashion icon who takes place on social media

Lauren started with Instagram, then YouTube and finally TikTok. Authenticity and positive vibes are her DNA, and sustainability her speciality among the way.

On the different social media she is active on, Lauren shares with her community her thrift shops findings, her upcycling tips and eco-friendly fashion brands she found. Her looks are bold, colorful, orginal and always trendy without succumbing to the ease of fast fashion.

She takes us in her everyday life, showing how an old sweater from her grandma could actually be the perfect match for a total a glamorous look. Unexpected. All of it full of humour and the right amount of sarcasm about the social media and fashion industry.

Even if Lauren doesn't consider herself as an influencer, she literally makes a difference and her positive impact is undeniable.

One of her YouTube videos about sustainable fashion

FLAVIA, Cruelty-Free High Fashion, Lauren's new baby

"Conscious fashion has never looked so good"

The idea of creating a handbag brand came into her mind a little more than 3 years ago, when she was constantly seeing all the people around her with the exact same type of bags. She already knew that she wanted to create something special, bold and original. Then she started to learn more and more about ecology and the impact of fashion on the environnement. These researches made her change a lot of things in her everyday life. Such as cutting meat of her diet and changher consumption of fashion. And it's exactly at this point she realised that she couldn't find any handbag brand that was sustainable for the environment, cruelty-free and fashionable. So she created one: FLAVIA.

Her biggest challenge was to be able to reach her expectations for her bags. Finding the right material, that fits all of her eco-friendly criterias, but also that was qualitative, vegan and all of created in Italy. It was long beacause she wanted to come out with something perfect but still affordable.

" FLAVIA is a brand that was made for all the people passionate about fashion but concerned about the current ethical and environmental challenges we face. We are a brand committed to respecting animal welfare and the planet without compromising on style, quality and design."

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