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New products arrive in UK Apple Store

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New products arrive in UK Apple Store

One week after the Apple Event and the opening of the pre-order, two of the new products arrive in the UK Apple Store on 26 October. This keynote was an opportunity to present a redesign MacBook Pro and new AirPods. New colours of HomePod mini was also introduced.

With these two announce, Apple have presented this year numerous redesign products with the new iMac and the new iPad Mini. With the AirPods, Apple have revolutionized the headphones world. Five years after, the Cupertino’s brand decide to leave the former design inherited from the wire Earpods.

For this third generation, a lot of innovations have been put, a lot relative to the passage between the first and the second generation. For this, new AirPods commercialized at £169, Apple takes many features at the AirPods Pro, the true wireless earphones with active noise cancellation.

Spatial audio and water resistance added to AirPods

First and more important things take, is the design, those of the earphones with just the rubber who are not present and those of the case. Countless other things are present with the force touch control, the water resistance or the spatial audio by using the Dolby Atmos technology.

The battery of the AirPods is also always pretty good with six hours of listening who are extended to 30 hours with the case. The charge is also really speed, like for the AirPods Pro. The company announced that you can use it one hour with just five minutes of wire charge. The new MacBook Pro are also going to be available with a 14 inch from £1899 and a 16 inch from £2399.

This new product is totally redesigned with, for example, a reduction of the border with the apparition of a notch like on the iPhone screen. Apple has integrated the magic keyboard of the iMac in the MacBook Pro but had in the same times abandoned the touchbar, his little screen on the top of the keyboard, despite his popularity. Other new exterior aspect, the connectivity with the return of the MagSafe, a magnetic connector uses to the charge of the old MacBook. The USB-C port and the jack are also always present, but an HDMI out and a SD card port was also added, who reinforce the Pro aspect and more for the creative.

New chips for the MacBook Pro

The components of the Ultrabook are also upgrade with two new chips based on the resent M1 chip present on recent MacBook, iMac and iPad Pro, the M1 Pro and the M1 Max. Two chips just available on MacBook Pro for the moment. To resume, these two chips give to the Mac more power with a better central and graphic processing unit, with more memory, all of that with low-energy consumption.

Apple also present new colours for the HomePod mini, the Apple’s tiny smart speaker with Siri integrate. The orange, blue and yellow versions will be sold from November to be more integrate with the consumer decoration. These three HomePod mini will cost £89, like the existing space grey and white versions.

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