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#NoNutNovember: is the internet challenge good or bad for your health?

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#NoNutNovember: is the internet challenge good or bad for your health?

If you are a fan of social media, you have probably already heard of #NoNutNovember or #NNN. The challenge consists in refraining from having sex, masturbating or watching pornography for the whole month of November. In London, many people have decided to try the challenge, and so have many people on the internet, with medical benefits and harms.

Originally appeared on Reddit application, the #NoNutNovember was a simple challenge. On Reddit, there are currently almost 86,000 members of the No Nut November channel. Although it can be associated with the same causes as #Movember to raise awareness about male diseases such as prostate cancer, it currently has no claims behind its story. At first glance, it looks like just another “dumb game” on social networks. Today, with more than 23 thousand tweets on Twitter, and more than a hundred in the British capital alone, it hides behind this label of harmless challenge real consequences on the health of participants. A medical aspect, which should interest London participants.

Health benefits: a highly stimulating game

Although its reputation is not generally positive, some have managed to find a beneficial aspect to it. On u/yeeval's statement, one can understand that the aim is not to demonize pornography or masturbation. This challenge would be more a reflection on the habits of men and their solitary pleasure.

"My guess is that most originally participate in NNN for the meme aspect of the challenge, but as the days go by, people start to see how addicted they are to porn or masturbation," he says.

Alexy, one of the participants, explains:

"It's like a drug. When you start you find it hard to stop. The #Nonutnovember allows me to change my mind about it."

According to a French urologist in an interview for 20 minutes, we learn that this challenge could even have a positive aspect on the health of participants.

"It's like a little fasting cure, a period of rest for this organ. When it resumes afterwards, the ejaculation will only be more powerful," urologist Patrick Constancis explains to 20 Minutes. "Holding back your ejaculation is very stimulating.

This will reassure Londoners.

A controversial opinion

However, several studies have shown that, on the contrary, having solitary pleasures keeps you healthy. The challenge therefore goes against doctors' recommendations. According to numerous studies like Harvard Medical School, ejaculating at least around twenty times a month contributes to good prostate health. This is probably a biological mechanism: in semen, there are substances called putrescines, which are carcinogenic. Ejaculating often thus helps to eliminate the toxins. These American studies have shown that the frequency of ejaculation is linked to the development of prostate cancer. If men ejaculate three times a week, the risk of getting cancer is reduced by 15%. A fulfilling sex life is therefore partly the key to a healthy prostate. And that's not insignificant: it halves the risk of developing prostate cancer.

A Medicine Net study also found that ejaculating daily could reduce stress and anxiety.

"In addition to reducing pain sensations, the secretion of endorphins leads to feelings of euphoria, modulation of appetite, release of sex hormones and improved immune response."

Studies have also found ties between ejaculation and improved memory, deeper sleep, improved immune cell function, and decreased inflammation, Psychophysiologist and neuroscientist Nicole Prause, PhD, explains to Fatherly. Louis, a participant in the challenge, explains:

"It is indeed like a drug. Once I've jerked off, I feel really calm and I feel that it reduces my stress. When I haven't done it for a long time, I realise I'm on edge."

Or another good reason to break your #Nonutnovember. It's your choice!

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