, December 07, 2021

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Paul Taylor is back home

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Paul Taylor is back home

British comedian Paul Taylor returns to London to perform his latest show "So British (ou presque)", on 27 and 28 of January 2022 on the stage of the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire in London!

After the success of his first show "#Franglais", Paul Taylor is back on stage to perform his new show "So British (ou presque)". The comedian looks back on his fatherhood and his life as a suburbanite. For the occasion, Paul Taylor gave us an interview.

Paul Taylor has no plans to change his show for London. It's normal at the beginning of each show, he likes to exchange with his audience.

"What will change is the first ten minutes of the show when I talk to the audience. In London, I'll talk to foreigners in English to find out why they came to see my show. I'll ask the French why they live in London, for example. In France it's different, because I ask why people have moved to the city. From there, jokes come out."

But don't worry, the comedian remains attentive to his audience. "The last time I performed at Leicester Square Theatre, I realised after a few minutes that the audience laughed more when I spoke in English. The show will probably be in French but there will be English people in the audience who will have seen the So British poster and will come to see the show."

The comedian knows he owes a lot to the French community for the success of his first show when he played in London in 2018 at the Comedy Store.
"It's thanks to a community I have in France that followed me to England that the 400 seats at the Comedy Store were quickly booked. It's a mythical venue and it's incredible to play on the same stage as David Bowie or the Rolling Stones."

More recently, Paul Taylor played at the Leicester Square Theatre in April. The comedian played two nights in a row, both of which were obviously sold out.

"Leicester Square was 400 seats. I had two shows on the same night so that was a total of 800 people. In January, the Shepherd's Bush Empire is 2000 seats. It's a real challenge and we're also planning to film the show."

It's a real challenge that keeps this manic comedian's mind busy. "For the January show, I'm going to be very detailed. I like to make sure that everything is functional, especially the cameras. I'm a bit of a maniac in that respect. I like to have a vision of everything that's going on. So I won't have too much time to be with my friends or family during the show."

Paul Taylor's humour

When asked about his humour references, Paul Taylor does not hesitate for a second: "The comedians who make me laugh the most are the British. They almost only talk about their personal lives in the shows. Everyone can relate to these kinds of stories."

For Paul Taylor, it is possible to laugh at everything, "it depends on how the subjects are treated". For the artist, the main thing is to master his subject.

"When asked if I talk about politics, I say no, because having lived in many different countries I haven't had the time to understand a policy in detail. So I don't like to make jokes about things I don't know. Especially now with social networks. If you are in Montreux (comedy festival) for example and you talk about a political party, the audience has time to go on the internet and check everything. You have to fact check what you are saying."

The same goes for political or non-political messages, experience is everything. "If you get a message across through humour, so much the better. To be able to do that, I think you have to be older than 35. You have to have experienced things and have some perspective. It's difficult when you're 22, for example. The older people in the audience don't necessarily want to hear a young person giving them lessons in a show."

If you're not afraid of laughing at clichés, we suggest you go and see Paul Taylor's show: "So British (or almost)" on 27 and 28 January 2022 at the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire!

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