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Pirates: the first Reggie Yates movie is going to take you back to the 90's

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Pirates: the first Reggie Yates movie is going to take you back to the 90's

The 90’s, three teenage best friends, a yellow Peugeot 205 car, London, and a fabulous soundtrack. This is about Pirates. For his first movie as a director, Reggie Yates breaks it all. The film is funny, the actors are sincere, talented, authentic. In a nutshell, it is a success. It will be on screens the 26th of November.

Actors, colours, decors, every detail has been studied. From the very first shots, the spectator is transported to the 90’s. Nothing in this film is cliché, everything is thought out, precise. Mostly the soundtrack, which has a very important role. These include, So Solid Crew, DJ Zinc, Wookie, Sunship, Scott Garcia, Hardrive, Ms Dynamite, Peven Everett, Sia or even DJ Luck & MC Neat. These music groups don't necessarily speak to everyone, but they bring a real texture, a real atmosphere to the film.

A friendship story

It is the story of three 18-year-old boys, looking for THE party of New Year’s Eve 1999-2000. But it is mostly the story of a friendship and of a whole generation. The actors are funny, touching, and sincere. Thanks to the writing of Reggie Yates and the play of the actors, the characters look authentic. Each of them reminds us of one of our friends. Moreover, jokes worked, the entire cinema- including me – laugh. Several times! Thus, there are Kidda played by Reda Elazouar, who’s always eating something, then Cappo (Elliot Edusah) the more serious, the one who studies, and finally comes Two Tones, played by Jordan Peters, who’s the lover.

The wonderful work of Reggie Yates

Each shot is a piece of art. The visual of the movie has been thought out, and you can feel it. The colours are wonderful, and so are the costumes. Most of the scenes are close-up shots, this way, you really feel close to the characters. In fact, the spectators are really involved in the movie. Most of the time, you have the impression to be in the car, with them. By its realization, the movie takes the spectator back to the 90’s – even if, I must admit it, I wasn’t born yet.


To seduce a girl, Two Tones (Jordan Peters) promises her to take her to the party of the millennium. Obviously, him also means his two best mates. But before that, they must find this party. And then, they must find tickets for this party. And finally, they must arrive in time for the party. All of that in an amazing yellow Peugeot 205. In London.

Best scene (be careful, potential spoiler)

To get tickets for the party, Two Tones must talk to his ex-girlfriend. But he screwed up with her in the past. Hence, to try to make amendd, he starts telling her sweets words. Which are actually the lyrics of “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys – thanks to me, now you’re going to have it on mind all day long. But, as it wasn’t as known as today, characters take times to understand it. Reggie Yates has used a very clever process, appealing to the collective culture of the audience. And it works, prodigiously.

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