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5 vegan restaurants in London

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5 vegan restaurants in London

Since a couple of years, plant-based food are more famous in kitchens of restaurants. In London, there are a lot of places for vegan and others who wanted to discover new food horizons. Here is our selection of vegan / vegetarian / vegan friendly restaurant we can find in the English capital.

Bad Vegan

To start this selection, here is the presentation of Bad Vegan. This “revolutionary fast-food” is located at Buck Street Market in Camden town. But, at the end of the year, two more locations will open: Hawley wharf, at Camden Town, this autumn, and Covent Garden, this winter. « We are not a vegan restaurant, 80% of our menu is vegan, 20 % is not”. They seem to be really insistent on that slogan we can read on their website. That is the reason why they are called Bad Vegan, because of this 20% non-vegan alternatives parts.

They stand out with the funny names of their dishes, such as Cauliflyer or Taternator and their signature coconut foam, used as a based in their desserts. All the menu can be order online and deliver.

To make the point of the originality of the service, they also sell some clothes like t-shirts or caps with their slogans or humanized vegetables.

Comptoir V

Describing themselves on their website as passionate in plant-based cuisine, this restaurant’s decor and food, on Kensal Rise, are inspired by Morocco.

As an independent restaurant, Comptoir V offer food experimenting with animal product alternatives. For example, their “no cheese” cheesecakes are famous in London and their Moroccan pancakes were voted the best vegan dessert in London by Time Out magazine.

If you don’t have the time to stop at the restaurant then, they also have a street kitchen situated on Portobello Street. From salads to no-meat burgers, they offer a large and various plant-based menu with vegetal protein from the Middle East as lentils and chickpeas. Come to have a brunch during weekend !

They also offer cooking for events and private parties. All details on their website.

Black Cat

They describe their sausage rolls and samosas as “the best of the universe”. They offer a weekly selection of soup, salads and sandwiches with some daily specialities. During a busy day, you can come order a vegan sandwich to eat healthy and quickly before coming back to work full of energy. You can even order a Fritz Cola, a German soft drink.

For reading addicts, Black Cat's restaurant also sell books, mostly about politics and vegan cookery. In the middle of books you can have a look on their local products on sale like chocolates.

They are 100% vegan, even their cleaning products are vegan and non-tested on animals. They insist on the fact that they want to make vegan food attractive for non-vegan people. Either way, their colourful and exotic dish names (Seitan Steak, Golden Coconut…) seem like a good start.

The Gate

For a fancier evening, you can book a table at The Gate. This restaurant has four locations in London : Hammersmith, Islington, Marylebone and St John’s Wood.

The Gate is a vegetarian restaurant, but only because some meals contain dairy products. In fact, 90% of the menu is vegan, and, sometimes, gluten-free. You can order some unavoidable dessert with vegan twist as their Tiramisu. Some exotic food are also on the menu as their tortillas filled with sweet potatoes, avocado and corn or their teriyaki salad. You can order your meals with the help of the Click and Collect system or the other delivery options.

Every month, The Gate organize a Secret Vegan SupperClub. Four menus are offer for £69 per person. The next SupperClub is on 15th November with the theme Christmas Fayre.

And this weekend, this restaurant organized his famous Wild Mushroom Festival on Saturday 31st October in Marylebone. Booking is mandatory. They also provide brunches every weekend on Marylebone and St Jones Wood sites.


In the same way, but less expensive, you can make a stop at Farmacy in Nothing Hill. The founder, Camila Fayed created this restaurant with the idea of an innovative, nutritionally curated, and organic meals in the respect of nature and human being. “From the sun to the soil”, that is their device. They work closely with their natural and certified biodynamic farm grounded in the Kent countryside. From this farm they received vegetables, fruits, and herbs weekly by an electric van. Obviously, menus are made with season fruits and vegetables.

They provide a takeaway menu with some vegan or vegetarian junk food, brunches and high tea menus

A big part of their menu is gluten-free. Their lasagna layers are made with yellow lentils. Presence of gluten, allergens and even sulphite in dishes are precised. Coconut milk is their star product to replace dairy products.

Engaged on a lot of societal subjects as animal cruelty or hunger in the world with a lot of partnership with charity, locally and internationally.

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